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Rowing and Presses

I went to CFCP last night to do an endurance WOD. I took the one right off of the CFE website:

  • 10 x 30s all out sprints (on the C2) with 2 minutes of recovery in between

The blog didn’t say to record distance, but I did anyway. I actually did 11 rounds as 1 was “punishment”
from Wladi for “not trying hard enough”. All in all, I covered 2130 meters.

After I did that WOD, I hung around so that Victoria could take the 6pm class. During that time, I practiced some dead lifts, some cleans, and did some strict presses. We have a CrossFit Total challenge coming up and wanted to get an idea of where my strict press is.

What went well?

I thought that I did well on the rowing WOD. I pulled as hard as I could on every round. On the strict presses, I did 3x @ 135#, 3x @ 145#, then 1x @ 155#.

What sucked?

I really tried to keep my 500m time on the rower between 1:30 and 1:40. There were a few rounds where my energy dropped off even though I was pulling as hard as I could. Those rounds ended up a bit about 1:40. On the presses, I was hoping to get 3x @ 155#, but ended up hitting some muscle failure.

Overall feel.

Pretty good tonight. The endurance WOD really sucked the energy out of me. I walked around with dry mouth for a little while after that one. I thought about doing the WOD that the 6pm class did, but then opted not.

Row, row, row…

V and I did a quick endurance WOD today. Unless I can get one in tomorrow morning (unlikely, but we shall see), I don’t think I’m going to make my two for the week.

Anyway, today’s pleasure was 2-8 minute intervals with 2 minutes of rest.


My distances for the 2 intervals was:

  1. 1870
  2. 1820

Total: 3690 (or 2.29 miles; whoa! wait… I row faster than I run? what?)

As much as this sucked, this really helped me get my stroke down (unfortunately, it didn’t get me off any faster haha). I think the next time we have some 500m’s in a WOD I will kill them.


It sucks to not be able to do workouts with heavy weight like I so love to do, but I am almost recovered. Still, I am keeping weights light on workouts that could possibly cause my elbow to flare up again. Patience… patience…

Last Friday (5/7/2010) was heavy metal night again. For me it was like, soft rock night, I guess. The real WOD was to do 10 muscle snatches, 10 burpees, and 10 pull ups, but that was too much of a risk for me given my elbow pains. Deric modified it to the following, which still sucked.

3 rounds, not for time:

  • 10 snatch balances (95lb)
  • 10 burpees
  • 20 GHD Sit Ups
    I did mess up a few of the snatch balances. It really is a lot about focus and core strength. You can’t really let your mind wander on these.
    Saturday (5/8/2010), I helped judge and coach the Epic challenge preliminary round. It was great to see people push themselves and make really awesome break-throughs.
    Tuesday (5/11/2010) Endurance WOD for distance:


  • 4 min/3 min
  • 2 min/30 sec
  • 1 min/3 min
  • 2 min/30 sec
  • 4 min
    I named this WOD “Chug-A-Lug” because that’s how I felt while doing it. Running sucks… blah blah yadda yadda.

Wednesday (5/12/2010), still recovering on the elbow:

4 rounds

  • 400m run
  • 7 Barbell complex (dead left, hang clean, push press, back squat, push press)
    Man, I wanted to go Rx on this one SO badly (135lb), but I tried a hang clean with just 95lb and I could see how it could start getting to me when I am tired and form goes to shit. I decided to play it really safe and go with 65lb. It was still a great WOD and I finished in 14:50.
    One thing in particular that I noticed was the my first 400m was really easy. That’s REALLY abnormal. The rest of them weren’t too bad either.
    Today’s endurance WOD looks horrible, but I guess you can’t cherry pick =)

Endurance. I haz none.

Today, a bit late in the week, I will admit, I got to my first of 2 endurance WODs. I have to admit, while I am trying to stay positive while doing these WODs (hell, it’s better than doing nothing, right?), I get REALLY discouraged while doing them and after when I review my performance.

I don’t know if I will ever be any good at this stuff, but I guess I will keep trying.

This morning’s WOD was:

  • 4x5min run with 3min rest in between rounds.

I chose to just run around the block. Then, I measured it. I think I got a total of about 2.17 miles. I did 7 laps + to the corner (I started running to the left of the green marker). I think that is roughly a 9:12 mile pace. Not TOO bad for a little fat-guy running in the morning.


Endurance and Power Cleans

This week, per Dave’s suggestion, I am adding in two CrossFit Endurance WODs. Monday (4/26/2010) was the first one:

10x Row 125m / 1 min rest

My set times were:

1) 22.9 6) 23.7
2) 23.0 7) 25.3
3) 23.0 8) 24.3
4) 24.1 9) 25.1
5) 25.2 10) 24.6

This was harder than I had anticipated. The willingness to push hard was gone by set 4. Still though, my last set was less than 2s different than my first.

Tuesday (4/27/2010) night, I had originally planned on skipping, but then saw the WOD and thought it looked fun, so I went. It was:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Power Clean (135lb Rx) with 200m run after each set

My time was 18:11. As usual, the running sucked. I just feel like a huge lumbering fool whenever I run any distance. Maybe I just should just accept the fact that I will just always suck at running. It just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Sigh.

At Wladi’s suggestion, we followed the WOD up with a Tabata Row. I went a total of 868m. This is the first time I have actually tracked how far I have went. Pretty interesting.

5k and the Filthy Fifty

Last Saturday (4/17/2010), we had the finals for the 5k challenge that we had been participating in at CFCP. When we ran this one the first time, four weeks ago, my time was 32:31. This time around, I did it in 30:50. That’s 1:40 in savings. Not too much of an improvement, but at least I didn’t go backwards.

The most hilarious part of the whole day was that I won 2nd place for men in my age group. The fact that I won anything that had to do with running is straight up sad. There must have been only 2 of us =)

Over the CFCP group did really well! V got 2nd place in her age group as well, so, now we have matching prize mugs that we toast with while we drink tea. I also won a snazzy marathon towel as a door prize.

There were a few things that really got to me about this run. The first was that I had not even seen “Mile 2” yet when I could already hear that people were starting to finish. Wow, LAME. Next, after “Mile 1”, I didn’t see a marker for a while. When I saw another one coming up, I thought, “that’s GOT to be mile 3”. When I got up to it and saw that it was “Mile 2”, it was like someone took the wind out of my sails. Still, I pressed on. Running is mental and it’s a battle for me every single damn time.

Yesterday (4/21/2010), we had the pleasure of doing the “Filthy Fifty”. This WOD is a horrible “chipper” which means that it’s just a long list of stuff that you “chip away” at. This list consist of:

  • 50 Box jumps
  • 50 Jumping pull-ups
  • 50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
  • 50 Walking Lunges (50 steps)
  • 50 Knees to elbows
  • 50 Push press, 45 pounds
  • 50 Back extensions
  • 50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Double unders

My time was a slow and horrible 36:44. Everything was great and went really quickly until I got to wall balls. I think it took me 15 minutes to do the wall balls and burpees. By the time I got to the double unders, which I already suck at, I couldn’t really lift my arms. I don’t want to do this one again for a LONG time.

In other news, I talked to Dave last night about how I’m progressing. I am noticing that my pants are all tighter! What? I eat paleo, almost never cheat, and workout 3x/week at CFCP. What the hell is going on?

My body IS changing. I am noticing that I am more solid in lots of spots and even my stomach is a lot less fatty, it’s just, bigger. Maybe there’s muscle growing under there and still fat on top… I don’t know.

At any rate, Dave suggested that I add in Crossfit Endurance 2x/week when I’m not at CFCP. I am excited about starting this and to see if it helps to increase my results and performance.