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The Weekend

This weekend did not go so well for me with regard to eating. I was really busy with the Shaolin-Do tournament as well as my grandparents. I got 1 ~20 hour fast in, but otherwise I ate mostly stuff that I wouldn’t normally eat.

I am taking this week to get back into the groove.

Bad bad dinner

So, I got off the plane and we were both hungry. Victoria had a craving for a burger and she had never been to Mighty Fine. I figured, go big or go home.
– 1 1/2lb Bacon Cheeseburger
– 1 Vanilla Shake
– Shared Fries

I am fasting this morning to try and compensate a little bit. I may way until just before class to eat. Also, there’s not really anything to eat in the house as I have to go shopping… sigh.