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More WODs

Don’t have a lot of time, so this will be quick…

Tuesday, 4/5/2011

Deadlifts and Double Unders

  • 15 dead lifts
  • 25 double unders
  • 12 dead lifts
  • 25 double unders
  • 9 dead lifts
  • 25 double unders
  • 6 dead lifts
  • 25 double unders

Time: 6:15. After “Cindy” on Monday, I was tired and really sore.

Wednesday, 4/6/2011

Again, I was really sore from “Cindy” on Monday, so I did the WOD (“Running Grace”), but scaled it and didn’t do it for time. I did:


  • 10 Clean and Jerk @ 95#
  • 500m row

Again, no idea what my time was. I wasn’t going fast. I just needed to move around and loosen up.

Friday, 4/8/2011

I got off of work a bit early so I headed over to the box. No kids showed up for V’s class, so she offered to judge for me on the CF Open Games WOD 11.3.

5 Minute AMRAP – Clean and Jerk @ 165#

I completed 13 rounds. Fun.

After that, I did the day’s posted WOD which was:


  • 15 front squats @ 95#
  • 300m row
  • 10 KB Swings @ 1.5 pood

I wasn’t pushing or going fast. I wasn’t really even paying attention to the clock. I took a water break, and helped Fio get into some stretching contraption. I guess my time would have been somewhere between 12 and 13 minutes, but either way, I wasn’t trying to break any records. I finished in 14:34.


I have been looking forward to trying out DT for a while now. I LOVE barbell workouts. They are by far, my favorite thing to do when it comes to fitness. I don’t know what it is about it. Maybe it’s the sense of satisfaction you get you execute a  perfect lift rather than muscling the weight up. There’s a difference… it’s a huge difference and very noticeable. 

In times of debating the merits of Crossfit vs. other fitness training regiments, I have come across the argument that Crossfit is “mindless” and “requires no skill”. If that is how you feel, try this workout and see if it changes your mind a little.

DT is 5 rounds of:

  • 12 dead lifts
  • 9 hang cleans
  • 6 push jerks

The “Rx” on this WOD for men should be 155lbs.

As I said in the beginning, I have been looking forward to this one for quite some time. This one is all about technique, technique, and some more technique. You need have your hook grip working and you need to know how to do hang cleans efficiently.

I do not yet know how to do hang cleans efficiently. We hardly ever really have them in WODs at our box. That’s not an excuse, more so just a fact. We don’t do them very often.

I decided to go with 135lbs for this one as the hang cleans would be my weakness. My time was 16:30. Come to think of it, the last time I remember doing hang cleans in a WOD was really close to when we first started and my 3 rep max was 135lb.

The dead lifts were cake. The push jerks were slightly challenging. I didn’t have to break on any of them. The hang cleans SUCKED. I can see why the hook grip is so important here. I would say at least 3 times during this WOD, I got to the shrug part of the movement and the bar came right out of my hands. Had I had the hook grip on, that would have not happened. I think I need a thinner bar to accommodate my stubby fingers =).

I am still happy with my performance and look forward to trying this one again.

Dead Row Ups

I haven’t written about it on this blog, but this past weekend we both had stomach viruses. Victoria got it from the kids in her class and had it REALLY bad. So bad in fact that she had to go to the ER really early on Friday morning.

After the ER visit, she felt a lot better. It was inevitable, though, that I would get it… which I did the following day. Mine was not nearly as severe as hers but it is lasting longer. I haven’t yet gotten to the stage where I can eat my normal diet all day every day. Things like meat and vegetable are still sort of nasty sounding at times.

Anyway. I felt better enough to go workout last night. Since I wasn’t feeling completely better I made a little deal with myself that I would take it slow, do what I could, and generally just not push as hard as I normally would.

The workout was 5 horrible rounds of:

  • 500m row
  • 30 sit ups
  • 15 dead lifts (Rx’d @ 195lbs)

I think I finished this in 25:06 (it might have been 25:04, but I don’t remember). If you read my blog, you know that like to do some math when we do long workouts like this so here goes.

Total Work Done

  • 2500m rowed (that’s a little over 2 miles, I think)
  • 150 sit ups
  • 14,625lbs dead lifted (that’s 7.3125 tons)

Victoria cracked a joke when I said I would take the sit ups slow. She said something along the lines of implying I was already doing that. Funny. Well, I took them slower than I normally go. During the warm up sit ups (2 sets of 15), I literally felt like I was going to hurl every time I sat up. I think this was a good choice.

I tried to keep a good ~2min pace on the rows. I think at one point I was in the ~2:30 area, but quickly got it back down after some heckling from the coaches.

The dead lifts were challenging as well and I tried to take them in small sub sets. They also made me feel like I was going to hurl. Hopefully today won’t be as bad and I can push a little harder.

New Dead Lift Max

I didn’t really feel good today. I woke up early to take my grandparents to the eye doc. My grandfather has to get his eyes dilated and well, he can’t really drive after that, so I was their humble driver.

I got home and worked for a while, then I just didn’t feel good. My stomach hurt, I was tired, I felt very blah. I didn’t feel like doing anything physical tonight. At any rate, I sucked it up and decided to go to class (also b/c I had to bring V’s bag of clothes hehe).

There was almost no one there tonight b/c of the UT game. Whatever.

The workout tonight was:

  • 3 – 3 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1 Dead lifts
  • Tabata Pull ups

Both V and I hit PRs tonight on dead lifts. This stuff is really paying off and there’s no better way to gauge it than “I can lift heavier shit than 5 months ago”.

My sets looked like this:

  • 1) 315lbs
  • 2) 325lbs
  • 3) 335lbs
  • 4) 355lbs
  • 5) 380lbs
  • 6) 405lbs
  • 7) 410lbs (this was a bonus b/c I didn’t really have much problem with 405lbs).

I have a feeling that I could have maybe bumped it up a but more, but I was starting to get fatigued and I didn’t want my form to suffer. There will always be a next time. It’s only January and I have already surpassed my goal for a 405lb dead lift. W00t!

Needless to say, my grip was shit when we got to pull ups. I got 36 in over 8 20s sets. Ouch.

Holly Jolly Challenge – Day 4

Today’s eating was good, but I wasn’t very prepared for meals. I sort of ended up just throwing stuff together.

I totally wasn’t planning on working out today but when I looked at the CFCP blog and saw that we were dead lifting tonight, I couldn’t pass up a chance to see where I stand. I have been wanting to know my one rep max for a while and tonight, I got a pretty damn good idea of what that is.

I had THOUGHT that my 3 rep max was 325. I was wrong. So as it stands,  my FIVE rep max is 300lbs, my ONE rep max is 325lbs. I got that a few months ago when I worked out at the KF school with Ryon. Well, it WAS 325lbs until tonight.

Tonight’s WOD was simply:

1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 Dead lift.

I did more than five sets as I had some trouble finding my max. The weights for my sets were:

225lbs – 295lbs – 315lbs – 335lbs – 355lbs – 365lbs – 375lbs

After 375lbs, I gave 405lbs a shot just for the hell of it. I got it about 80% of the way but just couldn’t stand completely up. Although I was slightly disappointed to not break 400lbs, I added a solid 50lbs to my dead lift. AMAZING! I am sure that my goal of dead lifting more than 400lbs isn’t THAT far away.

I remember when I was dead lifting with Ryon, I could barely sustain my grip to lift 325lbs. Tonight, I didn’t have that problem at all, even when I was trying 405lbs. My grip has gotten a hell of a lot stronger. hjc09-day04-bryan-cropped

Dead Lifts & The Runs

I need to check CFCP’s schedule before I go. I am thankful that Dave is nice enough to let me workout when there’s no class going on. I walked in at noon today and there weren’t too many people around. Anyway…

The warm up was hard and sadly, I was tired after it. It was 2 rounds of 25 reps of GHD sit ups, jumping squats, and ring push ups. Ring push ups are hard! I have never done them before but there’s quite a bit more stabilization that needs to happen.

The main workout was:


  • 11 dead lifts (Rx 225)
  • 200m run (or red line sprint as it’s known at CFCP)

My time was 16:40.

I had some really weird head pressure during this workout. I was fine though the warm up and until we started. As soon as I started on round one, I got this really intense pressure in my head which made me slow down and take the workout a bit more cautiously. I wasn’t having problems handling the weight. It was a comfortable amount for what we were doing, but I had to stop and rest a few times because it was really something that I had never experienced before.

Its been about 2 hours now and my head does still hurt a little, but not nearly as bad as around my 2nd set.