Endurance. I haz none.

Today, a bit late in the week, I will admit, I got to my first of 2 endurance WODs. I have to admit, while I am trying to stay positive while doing these WODs (hell, it’s better than doing nothing, right?), I get REALLY discouraged while doing them and after when I review my performance.

I don’t know if I will ever be any good at this stuff, but I guess I will keep trying.

This morning’s WOD was:

  • 4x5min run with 3min rest in between rounds.

I chose to just run around the block. Then, I measured it. I think I got a total of about 2.17 miles. I did 7 laps + to the corner (I started running to the left of the green marker). I think that is roughly a 9:12 mile pace. Not TOO bad for a little fat-guy running in the morning.


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