Rowing and Presses

I went to CFCP last night to do an endurance WOD. I took the one right off of the CFE website:

  • 10 x 30s all out sprints (on the C2) with 2 minutes of recovery in between

The blog didn’t say to record distance, but I did anyway. I actually did 11 rounds as 1 was “punishment”
from Wladi for “not trying hard enough”. All in all, I covered 2130 meters.

After I did that WOD, I hung around so that Victoria could take the 6pm class. During that time, I practiced some dead lifts, some cleans, and did some strict presses. We have a CrossFit Total challenge coming up and wanted to get an idea of where my strict press is.

What went well?

I thought that I did well on the rowing WOD. I pulled as hard as I could on every round. On the strict presses, I did 3x @ 135#, 3x @ 145#, then 1x @ 155#.

What sucked?

I really tried to keep my 500m time on the rower between 1:30 and 1:40. There were a few rounds where my energy dropped off even though I was pulling as hard as I could. Those rounds ended up a bit about 1:40. On the presses, I was hoping to get 3x @ 155#, but ended up hitting some muscle failure.

Overall feel.

Pretty good tonight. The endurance WOD really sucked the energy out of me. I walked around with dry mouth for a little while after that one. I thought about doing the WOD that the 6pm class did, but then opted not.

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