Holly Jolly Challenge – Day 4

Today’s eating was good, but I wasn’t very prepared for meals. I sort of ended up just throwing stuff together.

I totally wasn’t planning on working out today but when I looked at the CFCP blog and saw that we were dead lifting tonight, I couldn’t pass up a chance to see where I stand. I have been wanting to know my one rep max for a while and tonight, I got a pretty damn good idea of what that is.

I had THOUGHT that my 3 rep max was 325. I was wrong. So as it stands,  my FIVE rep max is 300lbs, my ONE rep max is 325lbs. I got that a few months ago when I worked out at the KF school with Ryon. Well, it WAS 325lbs until tonight.

Tonight’s WOD was simply:

1 – 1 – 1 – 1 –1 Dead lift.

I did more than five sets as I had some trouble finding my max. The weights for my sets were:

225lbs – 295lbs – 315lbs – 335lbs – 355lbs – 365lbs – 375lbs

After 375lbs, I gave 405lbs a shot just for the hell of it. I got it about 80% of the way but just couldn’t stand completely up. Although I was slightly disappointed to not break 400lbs, I added a solid 50lbs to my dead lift. AMAZING! I am sure that my goal of dead lifting more than 400lbs isn’t THAT far away.

I remember when I was dead lifting with Ryon, I could barely sustain my grip to lift 325lbs. Tonight, I didn’t have that problem at all, even when I was trying 405lbs. My grip has gotten a hell of a lot stronger. hjc09-day04-bryan-cropped

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