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Dead Lifts & The Runs

I need to check CFCP’s schedule before I go. I am thankful that Dave is nice enough to let me workout when there’s no class going on. I walked in at noon today and there weren’t too many people around. Anyway…

The warm up was hard and sadly, I was tired after it. It was 2 rounds of 25 reps of GHD sit ups, jumping squats, and ring push ups. Ring push ups are hard! I have never done them before but there’s quite a bit more stabilization that needs to happen.

The main workout was:


  • 11 dead lifts (Rx 225)
  • 200m run (or red line sprint as it’s known at CFCP)

My time was 16:40.

I had some really weird head pressure during this workout. I was fine though the warm up and until we started. As soon as I started on round one, I got this really intense pressure in my head which made me slow down and take the workout a bit more cautiously. I wasn’t having problems handling the weight. It was a comfortable amount for what we were doing, but I had to stop and rest a few times because it was really something that I had never experienced before.

Its been about 2 hours now and my head does still hurt a little, but not nearly as bad as around my 2nd set.