New Dead Lift Max

I didn’t really feel good today. I woke up early to take my grandparents to the eye doc. My grandfather has to get his eyes dilated and well, he can’t really drive after that, so I was their humble driver.

I got home and worked for a while, then I just didn’t feel good. My stomach hurt, I was tired, I felt very blah. I didn’t feel like doing anything physical tonight. At any rate, I sucked it up and decided to go to class (also b/c I had to bring V’s bag of clothes hehe).

There was almost no one there tonight b/c of the UT game. Whatever.

The workout tonight was:

  • 3 – 3 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1 Dead lifts
  • Tabata Pull ups

Both V and I hit PRs tonight on dead lifts. This stuff is really paying off and there’s no better way to gauge it than “I can lift heavier shit than 5 months ago”.

My sets looked like this:

  • 1) 315lbs
  • 2) 325lbs
  • 3) 335lbs
  • 4) 355lbs
  • 5) 380lbs
  • 6) 405lbs
  • 7) 410lbs (this was a bonus b/c I didn’t really have much problem with 405lbs).

I have a feeling that I could have maybe bumped it up a but more, but I was starting to get fatigued and I didn’t want my form to suffer. There will always be a next time. It’s only January and I have already surpassed my goal for a 405lb dead lift. W00t!

Needless to say, my grip was shit when we got to pull ups. I got 36 in over 8 20s sets. Ouch.

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