It’ll put hair on your chest…

… only if you’re a guy. If you’re a girl, it’ll, um… I don’t know …

Today was one of those “we have to do what??!?!” kind of workouts.

I finally felt rested from the weekend and really looking forward to crossfit today. Today’s WOD changed that. I was exhausted after this:


  • 15 “man-makers”* (25lb dumbbells)
  • 50 squats (ass to ball tee-hee)

My time was 16:23.

I have talked on this blog before about how these workouts exercise your mind just as much as your body, muscles, and other systems. This workout was a real test of the old “I want to give up” reflex.

I realized pretty early on that 25lb dumbbells was not a great choice. Rx was 35lbs. Anyway, I guess what made it so hard is that the man-makers seem to take so long to do. When you look at the workout, you think “15’s not so bad”.

It seemed never ending.

Nevertheless, it was over in 16:23 and I feel more of a man for it.

*A man-maker is basically a burpee with weight and some added pain. This is a man-maker:

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