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Big Dave asked me to come in today around lunch time to get my measurements done for the IDI challenge. Also, we wanted to see if we could maybe knock another goal off my list (snatch).

First, the measurements. I have to admit, I knew that I was losing body fat because of how my clothes have been feeling, but I was really surprised when I saw the results of my measurements. I will scan the paper and post it when I get it, but in a nutshell, here’s the skinny (no pun intended):

  8 Weeks Ago Today Delta
Overall BF % 22.6% 16.8% 5.8%
Weight 217lb 215lb 2lbs
Lean  Mass 167.96lb 178.88 +10.92lb
Fat Mass 49.04lb 36.12lb -12.92lb
Legs     +2” each leg
Arms     +1” each arm
Waist     -2”
Hips     -1”
Chest     -1”


I will fill in the blanks when I get my sheet back from Dave. I would say that the goal to “have a downward trend in body fat” is blown out of the water. If I divide by 8, that means that I shed .72% every week. I’ll take it. Additionally, take a look at the lean mass and fat mass. In 8 weeks, I gained almost 11lb in lean muscle and lost close to 13lb in fat mass. Whoa. Thank you, Mathematics!

In addition to the above, Dave helped me to get my snatch technique headed back in the right direction. In my last post, I was somewhat frustrated with the fact that I felt like I lost my technique on the snatch. Well, we did some work today and I was able to get passed my current PR of 155#. Although not a huge jump, a PR is a PR (now 160#), but more importantly, I started dropping under the bar again. This is only the beginning.

Last but not least, is my goal to run a mile in under 9 minutes. From my post a few weeks ago, I totally crushed that one.

Aside from my goals, I have also felt the following during the past 8 weeks:

  • Solidification of what I need to do personally as far as diet goes in order for me to lean out. FINALLY.
  • PR’d “Fight Gone Bad” by over 40 points. Maybe 300 is just around the corner? =)
  • Experienced increased recovery time both during AND after working out.

And so tomorrow morning is the “I Do The Impossible” challenge finals. We will do the same workout that we did when the challenge began. I am curious to see how I will do. All I can say is that I am slightly leaner and [thanks to work] meaner than I was 8 weeks ago.

I think that this challenge was absolutely fantastic. Even though I didn’t hit all 5 of my goals, I am absolutely blown away by the amount of progress that was made. The funny thing is, that it’s largely attributed by just adding more green veggies into my diet. To be completely honest, it’s not that hard… like… at all.

I will continue to eat this way and hopefully continue to loose a bit of body fat every week. Perhaps in another 8 weeks, I will be even closer to where I want to be. This challenge has really given me the jump start that I needed.

Paleo works.
CrossFit works.

You just need to do it right and be smart about it. Might I also add, that I was able to get all of this accomplished while traveling for work 3 out of the 8 weeks of the challenge. Yes, folks, it IS possible to eat well while you are traveling. It’s really no excuse. Additionally, I ate a cheat meal or 2 every week and STILL lost body fat. I was skeptical, but the calipers don’t lie.

Thanks to all of the CrossFit Cedar Park coaches that helped the 30 of us though this past 8 weeks. I know it wasn’t easy for you at times, but the differences you are making in people’s lives are nothing short of amazing. A big, big thanks to Big Dave Tillman for looking at everyone of my meals, day in, day out and helping me stay motivated with my goals. Also, a shout out to Mike Fio for being an awesome coach in my day-to-day work outs. You guys rock.

Weights and Measures

As promised, here are the measurements that I have taken. I will take them again on August 1st, 2010 to see where I stand.

Bust (right at the nipple line): 44 14/16” (44.875”)
Chest (just under bust): 41 5/16” (41.3125”)
Waist (smallest part above belly button): 40 4/16” (40.25”)
Hips (biggest part): 42 7/16” (42.4375”)
Thighs (biggest part): Right 26 7/16” (26.4375”) | Left 26 1/2” (25.5”)
Calves (biggest part): Right 16 5/16” (16.3125”) | Left 16”
Upper Arm (biggest part above elbow): Right 14 9/16” (14.5625”) | Left 14 12/16” (14.75”)
Forearm (biggest part below elbow): Right 12” | Left 11 12/16” (11.75”)

Body Weight: 221lbs

Body Fat Analysis (caliper test)

  • Chest: 26mm
  • Abdomen: 34mm
  • Thigh: 25mm

Total Body Fat: 24.4%

Fat Mass: 53.9lb

Fat Free Mass: 167.1lb