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Intervals and some other stuff…

Since I have been doing intervals on off days, I have been making up stuff to do on the C2. Today, I wanted to do something for a longer period of time, but still have some HI stuff in there, so I decided to get on the rower and do the following:

1st Minute, comfy pace, then every minute on the minute, all out for 20s, then comfy pace again for the remaining 40s. I did this until the clock hit 11 minutes and got 2442m. Not bad!

After that, Chad was doing OPT’s site WOD, so I joined in the first part (until I had to leave) which was:

  • 8 – 6 – 6 – 4: snatch grip dead lift with 3s negative
  • 6 – 6 – 4 – 4: ring dip with 4s negative

These were supersets and there was 2 min rest between each.

More Intervals

I went to open gym this morning and was on baby duty so that V could get an uninterrupted workout in. Brenna and I went up into the other room and I did the following:

  • 30s double-unders (46); rest ~3 min
  • 30s row (~180m); rest ~3 min
  • 30s squat clean & jerk @ 95#(6 or 7); rest ~3 min
  • 30s double-unders (35ish); rest ~3 min
  • 30s row (~180m); rest ~3 min
  • 30s squat clean & jerk @ 95# (~5); rest ~3 min
  • 30s row (~180m); rest ~3 min
  • 30s row (~180m); rest ~3 min

I felt really solid on the rowing. I was able to keep it between 1:30 and 1:40 (per 500m) on each set.

Weight: 223.75#



I don’t know why I decided to “do some thousands” on the C2 yesterday, but that hurt. I didn’t go for max effort, just consistency. I ended up doing the following:

  • 1000m, ~4 min exactly, 3 min rest
  • 1000m, ~4 min exactly, 15 min rest… needed to take care of Brenna, she was fussy
  • 1000m, ~4 min exactly, 3 min rest
  • 1000m, ~4 min exactly, 3 min rest

After that, I decided to do the CFCP posted WOD with Victoria, scaled b/c I was shot from the rowing. The WOD was:

Every minute on the minute (adding 1 every minute), do a push up, into a squat clean, into a thruster.


Whoever make that one up (DAVE) must have been pretty mad.

Anyway, I used 75# and made it thought 5 full rounds, the 4 of my 6th. I wasn’t really trying very hard, but still, that was terrible.

Intervals and Starting Strength #3

Yesterday I did intervals. 8×30 second all out intervals on the C2 to be exact. I rested about 2.5-3 minutes in between each to recover fully. I averaged about 175m on each round. It really tired me out.

Today was starting strength #3. I rushed through this today as we’ve got a bit of a family emergency to tend to. I super-setted the bench press and back squats, then moved on to deads. All in all it took about 25 minutes. I also didn’t do as many warm up sets. Shame on me…

Weights were as follows:

  • Back Squat: 217# – felt good. After talking to Chad about the bar position on my back, I was able to adjust today and it felt a lot more stable and a lot LESS painful on my upper back.
  • Bench Press: 180# – this also felt good. No other comments here.
  • Deads: 325# – good and heavy but doable. Thank goodness these are only 1×5.

Weight after workout: 223#