Get Under the Bar!–IDI Update

“I Do The Impossible” has just 1 week left. While I am ecstatic that I have indeed made progress and decidedly met one of my goals, I am getting bit dismayed with the fact that there’s one week left in the challenge, I have to go away for business, and I have 3 goals left. Here’s an update on my goals:

  1. See a downward trend in body fat percentage – I am pretty sure this one is working. I have not been measured at all during the challenge, but all of my clothes are looser, so I am guessing this one is going well. Exactly how much of a difference there is from 7 weeks ago, I will not know until I am measured again.
  2. Run a sub 9 minute mile – accomplished with a time of 7:28. Awesome!
  3. PR on Snatch – My current 1RM is 155#. V opened the box up for me today to try and work on it, but well, it didn’t go very well at all. I am getting stuck between the shrug and getting down under the bar. At this point, it’s strictly a technique thing, but I don’t know what to do to break that barrier. Clearly I don’t practice this movement enough to be where I need to be on it. If I could just figure out how to make myself get under the bar quicker, I would be a monster. Then again, if the Queen had balls, she’d be King, so there you go.
  4. Get 10 butterfly kipping pull ups in a row – I would say that this one is coming along, but it’s still not there. I am starting to understand the motion that my body has to go through, but making it happen in a cyclical, repeated fashion is still taking some time. With one week left in the challenge and being away on business all next week, I doubt this is going to happen.
  5. PR on dead lift – My current 1RM is 445#. Given that my back is still healing, I am not even worried about trying this one. This was a silly goal to put down and I don’t think it’s going to happen for a long time. It’s not impossible to me, I just want to take my time working back up to it.

I am frustrated.

I fee like I spent so much time worry about goal #1 that the rest have pretty much fallen by the wayside until last week when it dawned on me that there were like 2-3 weeks left and I haven’t been working on crap. The fact that I have had to travel for work for close to 1/2 of this challenge has made things difficult as well. It’s been hard to nail down time for Dave and I to work together on this stuff.

On the positive side, I managed to accomplish the goals that I actually used to perceive as “impossible” (#1 and #2). The rest, I think, will just take time and practice. They will eventually come. Will they come in over the next week? Most likely not, but I am not totally ruling things out. Maybe I’ll get lucky and a light bulb will go off for the brain-body connection.

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