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Been 4 days since I blogged what I ate. For the most part it hasn’t been too bad, but, I have strayed a bit off course this weekend. I think it’s time to go back to pictures. It’s too easy to slack off when I say “I’ll just write it later”.

The Weekend

This weekend did not go so well for me with regard to eating. I was really busy with the Shaolin-Do tournament as well as my grandparents. I got 1 ~20 hour fast in, but otherwise I ate mostly stuff that I wouldn’t normally eat.

I am taking this week to get back into the groove.

Valentine's Day Dinner – By V


– Parmesan cheese crisps (freakin’ awesome)


– Goat cheese and ricotta ravioli with parsley sauce (she made these herself from wonton skins, delicious)


– Mini strawberry explosion cake… basically 2 layer mini white cake covered in strawberry icinig with fresh strawberries all over. Again, made from scratch and really delicious.