Starting Strength #11

I am creeping back up on the weight for the back squats. Knee is feeling better. Today was a challenge…

  • Back squats: Went really careful during the warm up. Started my working set at 255#. That was pretty easy, so I went up 275#, then 285# for the subsequent work sets. I think I am good to go to 290# on Friday.
  • Bench Press: 3×5 @ 195#. Hard but not impossible. 200# next!
  • Dead lift: 3×5 @ 355#. These were HARD. Not impossible, but really hard. I had to really stick with it to get through all 5 reps. My grip also started to go a bit near the end.

My weight today at the gym was 221#, but when I got home it was 219#, so it seems I am down 4-6# depending. Pretty good for 4 weeks, I think.

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