Sick & Small Workouts

I haven’t updated in about a week. I have been sick…

On Tuesday, 9/22/09, Ryon offered to help me out with some dead lifts at the KF school before class since I missed the workout at Crossfit CP. I don’t remember all the different levels of weight that we used, but, I was able to lift a new one rep max of 325 lbs. Sweet! Also, I got lots of good pointers to keep in mind while dead lifting. No more trips to the ER for me! (hopefully)…

Since then, I have been sick with a head cold. I haven’t really worked out. I missed Wednesday Crossfit and also Friday class at the KF school. My heart really was there, but I didn’t think it was the right time to push it.

I went to black belt class Saturday morning and even that was challenging. The katas were tiring me out very quickly.

Today, Victoria wanted to do a workout in the garage, so she gave me the illustrious job of choosing. Much to my dismay, I chose the following:

20 minutes on the minute, do the following:

  • 5 dead lift
  • 5 hang cleans
  • 5 thrusters

* I used 75lbs.

I didn’t finish this. I make it through 10.3 rounds before I couldn’t breathe and was making this horrible wheezing noise. As much as I hate quitting a workout, I felt like I was still sick in my chest and decided to not push too hard. I would like to try this workout again when I don’t feel like absolute crap.

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