Back to it… (again)

Yeah yeah yeah… there are highs and lows.

I never got to re-do my total after the 8 week super strong program ended. I could only speculate on where it would have been, but it’s a pretty worthless endeavor at this point as my strength has clearly suffered in my absence.

I got 2 strength workouts in this week and took them sort of light. I am trying to get my body acclimated to lifting again. Yesterday, I got to the gym while V did an elements class with someone. I entertained Brenna with 5 sets of negatives”:

  • Front Squat: 12 reps @ 165#
  • Dead Lift: 12 @ 235#
  • Press: 10 @ 135# (push pressed for the positive)
  • Pull Ups: 9 @ BW
  • Ring Dips: 10 @ BW

It felt good to get back in there. This coming week should be a bit more regular with attendance. Maybe one day soon I will break 1100 =)

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