Starting Strength #3

Yesterday was tough. I was really tired but pushed through. Weights were as follows:

  • Back Squat: 3×5 @ 271# (currently 121% of my bodyweight). This felt really heavy today. I am currently adding 3# to every workout. I might have to reconsider this soon. Also, I am a little apprehensive about going TOO heavy for 2 reasons; 1, because I am still a little afraid of injuring my back again and 2, because there’s no squat rack at the gym. If I fail out, I just have to dump it backwards.
  • Bench Press: 3×5 @ 180#. This was doable. I am good with going up next time.
  • Dead Lift: 1×5 @ 325# (currently 145% of my bodyweight). WWWWooooooo did that feel heavy. I am going up 5# with every workout on this one, so I might reconsider that soon as well.

Weight: 223#.

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