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Quick Recap

Can’t really write too much right now, but just wanted to get this down.

Last Friday (4/30/2010) we went to OLY night, which is always a blast. We worked on some overhead squats as well as more OLY technique. The WOD was “Grace” which is 30 clean & jerk’s for time.

I did it in 4:15.

I think had I not eaten crappy Mexican food for lunch, I MAY have gotten a sub 4:00 time. I had to take a few seconds here and there because I felt my stomach doing back flips. Not fun.

Saturday (5/1/2010), Nikki came up with something that looked fun, but I couldn’t do it. She did a 21-15-9 of thrusters and burpee box jumps. I had to skip it because I have been having a good amount of pain in my left elbow when I try to lift something.

I talked to Mike Tillman and he gave me some stretches and exercises to do to rehab it. He did advise me to stay away from pulling type things for a week or so. Oh well…


Yesterday was the first time I got to do “Grace”, another named workout from the crossfit archives. As with many workouts, it looks really simple and straightforward on the board:

  • 30 clean & jerk for time

I found myself in an interesting personal dilemma last night. The Rx weight for this is 135lbs. I tried pressing 135lbs and it was a little dicey. I am not really that great on the technique for a jerk yet and I was honestly scared to try it out for the first time with that much weight.

While I should have used a weight somewhere in between 95lbs and 135lbs, I ended up doing the workout with 95lbs which is the women’s Rx weight. I was the only one in the class that didn’t do Rx =(.

I read a post on the CPCF blog a few months back where Nikki was asking how come people weren’t going heavy on their workouts. I remembered this posting after I got home last night. I think I feel prey to this fear of the weight.

My time for this workout was 2:36. It was challenging for me with 95lbs, but not “lay on the floor after the workout” challenging. I should have used more weight.

Here are some things I would like to work on as far as crossfit goes in the upcoming months:

  • Keep working kipping pull ups.
  • Schedule a skills session for pose running.
  • Practice Olympic lifts with lower weight so that I can get more comfortable with them.

After crossfit last night, I headed down to meet Victoria at the KF school. I watched the lower belt class then joined in for the brown belt class. I hadn’t taken one of those in a while.

It was a good review and I was able to help one of the 2nd’s start on the sai kata, which is one of my favorites.