Intervals and Starting Strength #3

Yesterday I did intervals. 8×30 second all out intervals on the C2 to be exact. I rested about 2.5-3 minutes in between each to recover fully. I averaged about 175m on each round. It really tired me out.

Today was starting strength #3. I rushed through this today as we’ve got a bit of a family emergency to tend to. I super-setted the bench press and back squats, then moved on to deads. All in all it took about 25 minutes. I also didn’t do as many warm up sets. Shame on me…

Weights were as follows:

  • Back Squat: 217# – felt good. After talking to Chad about the bar position on my back, I was able to adjust today and it felt a lot more stable and a lot LESS painful on my upper back.
  • Bench Press: 180# – this also felt good. No other comments here.
  • Deads: 325# – good and heavy but doable. Thank goodness these are only 1×5.

Weight after workout: 223#

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