Getting there…

As the title would suggest, I am getting there. I am talking, of course, about my back injury that happened now close to 2 weeks ago.

I went and saw a doctor a few days ago who ordered an x-ray. The x-rays came back looking normal which means that there’s no herniation, disc, or vertebrae problems. Thank goodness. Apparently it’s all muscle. I must have really done a number.

Through lots of chiropractic visits (THANK YOU, Dr. Meers!) and the PT help from the Tillmans, I am starting to feel way better. What was keeping me from walking, sleeping, smiling, and laughing a week ago is now really not that much more than some really bad muscle soreness.

I am not jumping back into things by any means, however. I am taking things really slow and trying to remain active. I’ve got another physical therapy appointment tonight, so we will see how that goes. I am pretty much leaving it up to Mike Tillman to let me know when he feels it’s OK for me to go back to normal workouts.

Last night, the WOD was “D.T.”. It’s by far one of my favorites and I wanted so badly to be able to jump in and do it along with everyone else in the class. I knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Plus, I am pretty sure that they wouldn’t have let me do it either. That’s the great thing about having coaches and trainers that care.

Instead, I did some slower paced rowing. I did 2 2000m rows trying to keep a 2:15-2:30/500m pace going. From over a hear of hearing “PULL HARD!”, “LEGS, HIPS, ARMS!”, and “KEEP IT UNDER 2:00!!”, it was pretty hard to back off and get it up to 2:30. My times were within about 10s of each other (9:09 & 8:55) but really, I wasn’t gunning for any particular time. I was just trying to get my blood pumping with some sustained activity.

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