Back Update

It’s been a little over a week since I hurt my back and things aren’t really getting any better.

They got better consistently for about 5-6 days, and now, it’s pretty much the same everyday. I am not really comfortable sitting. I can’t sleep well because I can’t find a comfortable spot. I am starting to get frustrated that I can’t be active… argh.

This morning, I went to my chiropractor and expressed my concern that it seems to have stopped getting better. I had him write me an Rx for physical therapy. When I went over to talk to Mike about it, he said that he’d like to see an x-ray and maybe have me take some steroids for a week or so to drop out all of the swelling/inflammation. It’s concerning that there’s pain down both of my legs.

I have an appointment today to see a doctor that he recommended about the back injury. Mike wants to make sure that I don’t have any stress fractures or herniation. I guess that would be good to know…

I have an appointment for PT tomorrow at 5pm.

I can’t wait to be better and to be able to sleep all night again. 

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