Just keep moving…

I am here in Nashville again this week. I resolved that I would hit up CF Music City 2x this week sot that I can get my WODs in. I really didn’t feel like going tonight, but I felt better once I got to the gym and started moving.

People are really nice there and tonight, I finally got to meet Mario, the owner who was also a really nice guy. The WOD was:

5x (22 minute cap)

  • 7 thrusters (115#)
  • 7 burpees
  • 7 GHD sit ups
  • 1 suicide*

My time was 15:11.

The good.

I kept moving. I didn’t have any intention of breathing fire on this WOD. I kept a relatively consistent pace and did 4 of the 5 sets of thrusters unbroken.

The bad.

My “sprints” weren’t really SPRINTS. They were more like speed-walking.


I had no intention of breathing fire during this WOD. All I wanted to do was keep moving, and that’s what I did. I finished well before the cut off and actually had one of the better times of the people that were in class.

*Place 4 cones down the length of the gym. Sprint to the first, then back to the starting line, then the second, etc.

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