Open Gym

I have been exhausted lately. Just really fucking tapped out. I few months before I got married, I felt this same way. Tired, exhausted, dragging. Well, I have been super stressed and that feeling of tired death feels like it’s hung around my neck with every workout. A little dramatic? Maybe, but just trying to get the point across.

Jody had what I thought was going to be a fun (aren’t they all before you start doing them?) WOD today. She called it “Tag Team Running Cindy”. You team up with someone and while one member is running a 400m, the other does as many rounds of “Cindy” as possible. She said to make it harder, you could run with a plate, to which I replied “I have to carry my fat ass 400m… I don’t need a plate thankyouvermuch”.

Anyway, I teamed up with Sonny and we got to work. All in all, we finished 17 rounds + 2 pull ups. Not great, not horrible. I did the best that I could given my current situation.

I have been feeling lots of “I used to”’s lately which I will probably go into in an entirely different post, but today, I guess what’s important is that I went, I did something, and I didn’t quit even though I really wanted to.

Jody followed that WOD up with 5 minutes of fun to which I scored 102. That sucked.

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