Workouts for the Weak

These past few weeks have been rough to say the least. While I am ecstatic to be having a baby, the amount of stress that I have been under both at home and at work with just the amount and then the traveling really is making me just fucking miserable.

I got my body fat assessment done again tonight and it was back up to what it was in July when I got back from my honeymoon (22.4%). What was weird was that there was a 6mm increase in one of the measurements. We are going to do it again tomorrow morning just to be sure.

I am not quite sure as to what has been happening. I have been continuing eating as normal, but in the past few months, I’ve seen the following:

  • inordinate amount of stress (read: cortisol)
  • excessive work travel (read: not idea food, but still as best I can also, not as much working out)
  • most likely not enough protein in my diet
  • not sleeping well. I can’t think of many nights that I got good, complete night of sleep.

This month, I want to focus on getting enough protein and finding a better way to deal with my stress. What I’m doing right now… it’s not working.

On to the workouts.

Monday 8/30/2010 – At home

I, for some reason, wanted to do something with my kettle bell at home. I decided to do a “Helen”-like workout. It was 3 rounds of:

  • 400m run
  • 21 one-handed kb swings (21 each arm, 12kg)
  • 12 burpees

I clocked in at just under 16 minutes at 15:59. I didn’t feel great during this one, but I did it. Eh.

Wednesday 9/1/2010 – CFCP

I thought this one looked fun and would give me a chance to work on double-unders, the bane of my CrossFit existence. It was 4 rounds of:

  • 10 ring push ups
  • 25 double unders
  • Red Stripe Run (200m)

I got the worst time of the day with 13:15, completely due to my inability to double under. They still make me really fucking mad, but I am working hard to not get frustrated with them. Trevor tried to help me out a bit after class, and really, I just need to practice.

Friday 9/3/2010 – CFCP

Heavy metal night… we did snatches, 6×3. I started with 95#, the 135#, then 155#. I felt really tired an sluggish. I was falling asleep at my desk around 4pm, so I wasn’t feeling stellar to begin with. Once I got the body fat assessment done, I was just really discouraged for the rest of the night… and still am.

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