Back Squats & Thrusters

I’ll keep this one short. Last night, heavy metal class, we did the following:

  • Max Back Squat 5×1
  • Thruster Breathing Ladder (45#)

My back squat lifts came out like this:

  • 135#
  • 225#
  • 315# (Not technically a fail. I came forward and had some bad form, but still got it.)
  • 335# (PR)
  • 350# (F)

The breathing ladder wasn’t so bad. Thankfully, I was able to remember my Yang Chi breathing from KF which REALLY helped. If you are unfamiliar, a breathing ladder is where you do pyramiding reps and get the number of breaths in reps that you just did.


  • 1 rep, 1 breath
  • 2 reps, 2 breaths
  • 10 reps, 10 breaths
  • 2 reps, 2 breaths
  • 1 rep, 1 breath

This was not timed.

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