7’s and Heavy Metal

On Wednesday (7/28/2010) of this week, we did a really fun WOD. It was 7 rounds of:

  • 7 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95#)
  • 7 Ring Dips (no assist)

My time was 5:47 (very proud of that). We followed that up with a Tabata run. After we rested for a a little while, I decided to do 2 five minute intervals on the C2, just for funsies. In the 10 minutes on the rower, I got 2343 meters total (1163m + 1180m).

The good.

I felt great during the first WOD. My energy level was high, the SDHP’s were cake, and the ring dips, although challenging, were doable. The rowing was pretty good too. It’s good to do longer intervals, I think, so that you can working on stroking efficiently (let the jokes begin).

The bad.

Although I said the ring dips were good, they were still really difficult and I think that I started to loose a bit of the ROM towards the end as my chesticles started to fail. The tabata run sucked hard b/c I had my converse on. I hate running in them. I feel like I am running in clown shoes.


Overall, it was a great night. I was very proud of how I performed.


Tonight (7/30/2010), we hit up another heavy metal class where the WOD was simply to find your 3 rep, 2 rep, and 1 rep max clean.

Things were going well. We started with about 95# to warm up, then moved to 135#, 155#, 185# (all 3 reps), then #205. As I was going for my second rep of 205#, I missed my front rack when I caught it in the squat and it pulled my fingers back really hard. I ended up dropping the weight and didn’t do another rep. To be exact, I tried a rep with just 65# to see how it felt and it hurt, so I decided to stop for the night.

The good news is that I cleaned my former 1 rep max twice with little problem, so, I suspect when my hands are feeling better, my max will probably now be higher.

My hands still hurt this morning, though.

In other good news, I had Dave measure my body fat again yesterday and here’s how it broke down:

Body weight: 219lbs (previously 221lbs, down 2lb)

Body Fat Analysis (caliper test)

Chest: 20.5mm
Abdomen: 34.5mm
Thigh: 22.5mm

Total Body Fat: 22.8% (previously 24.4% down 1.6%)
Fat Mass: 49.93 (previously 53.9lb, down 3.97lb)
Fat Free Mass: 169.07 (previously 167.1lb, up 1.97lb)


V is going to take my measurements again today so that I can see if they have changed at all. I doubt they have very much but I won’t know until she actually measures. At any rate, I am happy to see this progress, even if it is just a little bit. At least it’s in the right direction.

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