More workouts…

I haven’t been great about writing workouts the day of. There has been a lot going on here and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Sorry, no one’s perfect, but then again, I am sure that maybe only like 3 people read this.

Friday (5/14/2010) Heavy Metal Night

  • 5×3 Squat Clean
  • 5×3 Jerk
  • 5×3 Clean & Jerk

This WOD was a LOT of fun for me, but I couldn’t use the Rx weight due to my still healing elbow. I used 65lb. It was not timed. Later, I tried some heavier clean and jerks with some higher weights and it felt OK, but I didn’t want to push it.

Saturday (5/15/2010), we took the Yoga class at Lululemon as we (Perfectly Paleo) were invited to bring food and talk a bit about our business. Yoga is rough and the class was pretty challenging for me.

Last night (5/18/2010), we had the pleasure of “Elizabeth” which is:

21 – 15 – 9

  • Squat Clean
  • Ring Dip

I didn’t Rx this one either. I used 95lb on the bar which wasn’t really all THAT tough. I also had to sub push ups for ring dips as they hurt my elbow. Thanks to some really good coaching from Chad, I finished in the 7:50ish range. I don’t remember my exact time, but I pushed really hard.

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