Holly Jolly Challenge Days 8 – 11

Day 8: This is the day that I actually got sick with a stomach flu. I felt fine all day the previous day, but, you can see from my eating after lunch, that I couldn’t really eat very much. I slept pretty much all day.


Day 9: My stomach felt very week and so I couldn’t really eat very much at all. There aren’t very many “comfort food” options on paleo. Usually when I am sick with something like this, I like to eat toast and crackers, but I wasn’t about to risk loosing points (and therefore, money) just to eat some toast. I know that sounds a little crazy, but it’s not THAT big a deal.


Day 10: Starting to feel better, but my stomach was still unsettled. At times I felt fine and at times, I felt absolutely horrible.


Day 11: I felt much better. I am starting to eat more normally, but still, I have the unsettled feeling so it’s hard to finish meals, eat a lot, or find most things appetizing.


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