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The weekend

Friday Night (2/11/2011), I was still feeling pretty sick. I felt that, if I did the WOD that was on the site for the day (Nicole, 400m run, pull ups to failure for 20 minutes) that it would not be good for me.

Dave told me to come to the clinic and we’d find something for me. It ended up being pretty easy going, but fun still. I did the following:

  • Strict ring pull ups in sets until failure. I think I got 6 or 7 sets of 1-3. No idea on the total.
  • 2x{5 kb clean & jerk (each arm), 10 goblet squats, 5 kb snatch (each arm), 10 goblet squats} untimed

Saturday was “Operation Get Some”, an event that Wladi and Carson planned. They did a fantastic job and everyone had a lot of fun. Mostly. I wrote a separate posting about that, as I have… well, let’s just say “issues that I should probably see someone for”.

After OGS, we got home and ate lunch. As we were settling in to relax for a bit, I got a call from my Grandmother that she was headed to the ER as she had been throwing up all night and was starting to get chest pains.

V and I met her there at the ER and she was very quickly admitted. The doctors did some tests and quickly determined that she had atrial fibrillation. She had never had this before.

Anyway, they gave her a few different drugs to get her heart rate under control as it was in the 170s and 180s, peaking even near 200 at times. That’s very scary and very dangerous. They also did a few other tests like blood work, cat scan (to check for clots), cardiograms, etc and all looked good.

Once her heart rate was under control and she was feeling better they decided to admit her overnight to the ICU. The drug that they put her on has to be monitored closely as it can lead to low blood pressure and low heart rate. They were very clear about why they were putting her in the ICU; not because she was unstable, but because people need close monitoring on that drug.

The long and short of it is that she ended up being able to go home yesterday (Sunday) after just 1 night’s stay. The cardiologist believes that the stress and nutrient depletion of throwing up for 12 hours straight led to her heart entering into this abnormal beat pattern. Once they slowed her heart rate, her heart went back to a normal pattern by itself pretty quickly.

She’s got a few follow ups to make but she will be fine.

The question now is, what the hell did she do to make herself throw up for 12 hours?! That sounds like a stomach virus to me and from what I hear, her neighbor’s kids have both had that sort of thing on and off. Whether or not it came from them, who knows. I am not trying to place blame. It very well could have also been from something that she ate. Whatever it was, I hope it doesn’t happen to her again.

Sunday was mostly a wash. We stayed in bed late, then got up and ate breakfast. We had a house painter come over to give a quote which we happily accepted. After that, we went over to Costco and Whole Foods for groceries, then I headed to the hospital for a visit and ended up bringing her home. By the time I got home, there wasn’t much left in me for a lot. I made dinner and got a lot of stuff prepped for our Valentine’s dinner today. Speaking of which, here’s what’s on the menu:


  1. Red and Gold beet salad with arugula, goat cheese, and balsamic honey reduction.
  2. Parmesan crisps.


Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, garlic, parmesan cheese & covered with tomato cream sauce. Side of roasted asparagus.


Chocolate covered strawberries (choice of dark or milk chocolate).

I am very much looking forward to sharing a romantic dinner with V. Life has been very busy lately (I know, I know, just wait) and we haven’t really spent lots of quality time together.