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“Air Force Karen”

I wanted to get another workout in last week, so I had planned on doing something on Friday night (9/30/2011) when V taught elements. Suzanne had texted me earlier in the day asking if we’d want to do a WOD with her that night, so of course, I said sure. When we got to the box, someone who shall remain nameless bullied us into doing the posted workout. OUCH.

Air Force Karen: 150 wall balls for time, but with 4 burpies every minute.

Time: 10:53 (Rx’d with 20# med ball)

After that, I saw a little supplemental WOD that could have only been written by Trevor up on the board. It was:


  • 5 hang cleans @ 75#
  • 5 pull ups
  • 300m row

Suzanne and I did this one but didn’t time it. I did my hang cleans sort of slow and tried to work on my technique.