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FGB 5 and others…

Friday 9/24/2010 – CFCP

I was expecting heavy metal night, but was somewhat relieved when I walked in and didn’t have to lift a barbell. I was really tired and felt, as I have been more often, completely drained on a Friday night. The WOD that we had to do was everyone’s favorite; “100 burpees for time”.

My time for this was 8:07.

The good.

I felt pretty good for the first 40 – 50 burpees. After that, it was more of a mental struggle.

The bad.

Last time I did this WOD, I did them all strict and I came in at just under 10 minutes. I didn’t do them strict this time.


I skinned my knees pretty badly dropping on the ground, but other than that it was 8 minutes of suck.


Saturday 9/25/2010 – Plucker’s Parking Lot

Unlike many of my friends, I was not dreading FGB. Lots of my friends get nervous about this stuff, but really, in the end, it’s just working out and boy, did I get a good one. So, if you don’t know, the WOD was “Fight Gone Bad”, which is:

Spend one minute at each station doing as much work as possible followed by one minute of rest. Repeat 3 times:

  • Wall ball (20#)
  • SDHP (75#)
  • Box Jumps (24”)
  • Push Press (75#)
  • Row

Your score is your total number of reps plus the amount of calories burned on the rower.

My score this time around was 216. Not awful, but not great.

The good.

My first round was pretty good. In fact, so good that I think I tired myself out.

The bad.

I took a lot of breaks. When you only have a minute at each station to get reps, you can’t really break a lot. Due to the heat and just being really exhausted, I took lots of breaks.


I think I did OK overall. Not great, not horrible. My last score on FGB was 218, but also, I started on the rower and knocked out 23 calories to start. This time was different.


Monday 9/27/2010 – 609 Box

I won a month of unlimited classes through a random drawing at FGB so, I started taking advantage of it immediately. Yesterday, Fio kicked our ass with the following:


Warm up

Death by Double Under

10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 unbroken

This didn’t really go well for me. I got through 10, but never got to 20, although I tried quite a bit. I think the most unbroken I got was 13. I tried to do the single, double, single, double thing but couldn’t get the timing down.



4x (not for time)

  • 10 GHD Sit ups
  • 10 GHD Back extensions
  • 4 ring dips (2 sets with a kettle bell necklace)
  • 5-10 kip swings (last set on rings)




  • 15 KB swings (1.5 pood)
  • 20 OHS (95#)
  • 25 push ups

Time 15:55.

The good.

I started off strong. The KB swings were good and my OHS were good in the first 2 rounds.

The bad.

The push ups KILLED. As I can barely touch my head at this point from muscle soreness, the push ups were NOT fun. On the third round, I was having some real problems keeping my stability on the over head squats. I think I must have snatched that barbell up 7 or so times to get through 20 reps.


Tired and sore. That about sums it up. Obviously, my time would have been better had I not failed on so many OHS reps. Again, being that I can’t straighten my arms, it was really freakin’ difficult to hold that bar up there.