Saturday Suffering & Mental Gymnastics

This was a really busy weekend. I don’t even know where to start, really. I guess I’ll just start with Saturday morning…

We (Victoria and I) have never done a workout that was all kettle bell (that I can remember, anyway), so we decided to go to the free kettle bell class down at crossfit central. I have to say, I was pretty intimidated when I got there. It was the same feeling that I got when I went to the main pool at the Riata for the first time. It was the feeling of “I’m not even close to being attractive enough to allowed in here” and “I’m not even close to being fit enough to be allowed in here”. After being there for about five minutes, I realized that I was being silly because everyone was really nice! I also saw two people that I knew there that I had no idea were going (Andy and Sarah).

At any rate, the workout was challenging to say the least:

20 – 16 – 12 – 8 – 4 (60 total) of

  • Sprawl to high pull
  • Clean
  • Step-up

We did this in groups of three. Each did the number of reps for that round, then you rotated until each had done that number at each station. You couldn’t move on until everyone finished their reps. Out time was 14:55. Not bad. I used a 1 pood kettle bell and I think the box was 2′, not sure though.

After we got home Saturday, Victoria had to go get some wedding business taken care of and I had to straighten up the house. When she got home, she had to leave pretty quickly to go hang out with her little brother. I then had to leave to go to the kung fu seminar given by Elder Master Smith.

This seminar was eye opening and transformative, to say the least, but it’s too much to go into here. I will post something else about this. I sat down and tried to write about it, but I think it was just too much information and I am still processing on some level.

I sent an invite out Saturday night to a few friends to come over and watch UFC 104. It was last minute and no one but Ryon came over. I am thinking we can have the next one here too, but, I’ll give everyone a bit more notice =). It was a fun night full of delicious paleo food and some pretty damn good fights.

Sunday was another day of kung fu seminars. The first was about utilizing internal martial arts for sparring and fighting. Fantastic ideas here and honestly, a lot that I had just never thought about. I will say that Master Smith used me as a demo puppet for a slow motion fighting demo. He had me pinned up against the column in the school with his fist on my solar plexus. I can honestly say that I saw my life flash before me. That is one powerful guy.

We had a quick lunch then came back for Master Joe’s seminar which dealt with controlling your states of attention. Again, I will write about this somewhere else, but there was quite a bit of eye opening information in during this talk. Master Joe also did basically two sessions of open focus during this session and well, that is just heaven. If you have never heard of open focus, I strongly recommend you check it out (here’s a link to get you started:

After getting home from these seminars we just had a relaxing evening and eventually went to sleep. I must have been really tired as the heavy rain this morning that everyone seems to be complaining about didn’t wake me up at all.

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