Fight… gone… puke/passout… bad…

Despite going to sleep pretty late last night and being utterly exhausted, I dragged my sorry ass to conditioning class this morning b/c I told Hugh I would be there after testing. Turns out that I am still pretty damn tired, but I am really happy that I went.

We haven’t done a “fight gone bad” in a while. FGB is meant to mimic how an MMA fighter would feel during a fight. The format is 5 exercises done for 1 minute each with a minute of rest at the end, all repeated 3 or 5 times. Today, we did 3. The idea is that after about 1 minute of an exercise, you should be at just about muscle failure, so you stop, change gears, and do something else.

Anyway, today’s workout was 3 cycles of the following:

  • Step ups (20lb dumbbells)
  • Push press (55lbs)
  • Medicine Ball Sit Ups (12lb medicine ball)
  • Medicine Ball Cleans (25lb medicine ball)
  • Kettle bell sumo dead lift high pulls (1 pood, I think)
  • Rest

I was able to get out a total of 295 reps. This is WAY harder than it sounds… Here’s the breakdown of my reps:

Exercise Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Step ups 27 20 17 64
Push press 30 22 21 73
Med Ball Sit Ups 21 18 16 55
Med Ball Cleans 16 12 12 40
KBSDHP 22 20 21 63

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