Chain Gang

Last night was a good night. Bigg Dave had some fun stuff planned for us (see below) and Brenna was really good for most of the class. We brought her pack & play and she stayed in there, content with her toys, for almost the entire class. We did leave “early” at 9pm, though so we could get her home and get her to sleep.

Anyway,here’s what we did:

  • Stretches
  • 50 GHDs
  • 50 GHBEs (35#)
  • 3 minutes of whatever you want with a kettle bell (1.5 pood)
  • 50 Hang Squat Snatch with the bar (technique practice)
  • Dead lift protocol (3x (3 1/2 dead lifts with 85%-95% of 1RM + 8 box jumps)) 420#x3 / 20″x1, 24″x2
  • Back Squat 8 – 5 – 3 (225#, 275#, 305#)
  • Back Squat 2×5 @ 75% of 1RM WITH CHAINS (4×275# with 1 set of chains, 1×275# with 2 sets of chains)
  • Back Squat 1×15 @ 50% of 1RM AFAP (185#)
  • Press Strip Set 5 – f – f – f – f (8@135#, 5@105#, 3@85#, 3@65#, 2@45#)


Food went really well yesterday too:


Sleep is really the only thing that still is lacking a bit, but it’s getting better. Brenna as gotten to the point where she’s too big for the bassinette in her pack & play. The directions on it say to stop using it if the baby is 15# OR if they can press up, whichever comes first. Well, she’s right around 15# AND she can press up, so we are done there. To compound things, her swaddling blanket is too small for her and I can’t swaddle with a normal blanket. I’m just a spaz like that. Dealwithit. In light of all of that, we now have her sleeping in the pack & play, in our room, un-swaddled (just with really cute footy pajamas).

The night before last was really tough. She hated it. She didn’t want to be left in there alone. Last night was a little better. We had her down at around 930pm, but she woke up screaming around 1030pm or so. We couldn’t get her to go back to sleep for realz until about 1230am-ish.

We are working really hard on letting her cry and fuss more. Neither of us are really fans of the CIO method, but she’s really got to learn to put herself to sleep. Now, we let her cry and fuss as long as she isn’t in hysterics. Once she gets there we pick her up and console her. It’s funny how we both know exactly when she crosses that line into hysterics. It’s almost like the whistling tea kettle, but, with a kid, and more subtle.

Ok, I’m rambling.

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