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Well quite a bit has happened since I last posted here. I will write about brenna in a separate posting but I just wanted to quickly post about getting back into caring about my health.

See, for about 8 weeks, we have been at the mercy of a beautiful little baby girl. While I enjoy doing anything and everything for her, taking care of ME has pretty much fallen by the wayside. It started with bad sleep. Horrible sleep. Then, we add in the very bad food choices due to severe tiredness and mostly a bad case of “I don’t give a shit” or “I am too damn tired to care”.

8 weeks later, I have gained almost 10 pounds and I feel like chewed up spit out crap (except for when Brenna smiles at me…that’s the best but it doesn’t make me loose weight).

Ms. Brenna has been sleeping a lot better at night and recently V and I have tried to set a schedule for getting back into working out. I have long felt like 4 CF workouts per week wasn’t really the most ideal thing for me. I have seen other people that benefitted from a more strength (and less met con) biased program, so I am going to give that a shot. So, I will doing a strength based program (Rippetoe’s Starting Strength) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the 2 CrossFit workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.

I started on the strength program tonight. Here are some notes that I took as I was getting started:

Did 1×5 @ 300 and it was really heavy. Dropped to 265 for form.
265 was challenging but good. I think is a good starting point

155 feels too light for the working set. Upping to 175.
175 feels good.

Dead lift
315 was a good starting weight.

Weight after workout: 225

Since my diet has been atrocious lately, I am posting in a food blog again to get some public accountability out there. I don’t care if anyone reads or follows it. I just need to know that the world can seer what I am eating and that alone will help keep me honest. If you’d like to follow it for whatever reason, the address is

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