Life, these days…

Life has been really busy lately. It seems that I am starting to take on more responsibility in this little company of ours, which is fine by me. I have never really been a project manager or even any management type, for that matter, but I am learning. As our company grows, my role, I feel will be shifting towards this as well as a lead or high level technical person. I think.

Aside from that, we are still getting things ready for our wedding. The biggest area of focus right now is the invitations. We are very ambitious in what we have planned and we need to get it done… like 3 weeks ago. If our wedding planning were a restaurant, we’d be “in the weeds”.

On top of that, we are in the preliminary stages of getting “Perfectly Paleo” set up so that we can actually start selling items legitimately while protecting ourselves from civil liability. Fun. Who knew I would one day be starting a business. Not me. It’s pretty damn exciting, but a lot of research and work. There are so many unknowns and so many questions. Hopefully once we are passed this initial period, we will be able to start working on actually growing the thing to replace Victoria’s current job. I don’t see that happening for a while, though.

What else…

As much as I try to not allow it to, money has been somewhat stressing me out. I am, thankfully, in a really good financial situation at the moment, but when large expenses start rolling in, I get stressed out. Currently, we are looking at a few things like replacing the roof, an unexpected medical bill, and obviously, our wedding. We are also looking at some start up costs or the aforementioned business.

Tonight, we are going for our second visit to Maximized Living in Cedar Park. This office is a special branch of chiropractic care that looks for something called “subluxation” in your spine. That means that it looks for stuff that’s out of whack in your spine that might be compressing or hindering the communication of your nervous system. Although it might not hurt, you still might see adverse affects from something being slightly blocked or compressed. Last time, they just took x-rays. Tonight, we are going to sit with Dr. Meers and actually look at the x-rays to see what they have found. I am really fascinated by this.

Tonight is also the primaries here in TX. There are lots of people running for lots of offices, so I am trying to figure out who best to vote for.




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