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This week has been particularly hard on the legs. Being already sore from “Nancy” on Monday, I came in last night expecting to do 100 burpees. That’s what was posted on the CFCP blog. We had been asking for some sort of max rep WOD, so Nikki was nice enough to let us do a 3 RM on back squats. Our workout last night was this:

  • 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 Back Squat
  • Weighted Squat Ladder (65lbs)

My back squat 3 RM went up 45lbs to 270. My sets came out like this:

  1. 135lbs
  2. 185lbs
  3. 205lbs
  4. 225lbs (previous max)
  5. 250lbs
  6. 270lbs (I know this is the 6th round, but I knew I could do more than 250lbs)

To top it off, we polished the night off with a weighted squat ladder. Ouch! I got through 18 total rounds with a 65lb barbell on my back. The last round was by far the hardest as I felt what I would describe as “searing pain” in my quads with every rep. Others would just call that “lactic acid” but lets not split hairs.

I am pretty sure that I went somewhere else during round 18 as I had to actually ask Ryan today how the bar got off my back.

I went back to KF class on Tuesday night which was a blast. I finished up one side of the Hsing-I 2 man set and got in a really good review of tiger and spear katas both before and during class. We even got a good workout at the end consisting of 100 push ups, 100 crunches, and 30 frog leaps (which did not help the leg soreness from Monday, but hey, what doesn’t kill you… right?).

This Holly Jolly Challenge finally ends this weekend. I think that we ( my team ) have all done exceptionally well in terms of both eating and working out. I am really curious to see what the final results will be and what craziness CFCP has planned for us on Saturday. Hopefully it will leave my hands and feet intact for the 10.5 hour drive to Mississippi.

I am really looking forward to having the week there to relax and let my body rest. I am sure that we will get in a few small workouts here and there, but overall, the net output should be lower as we won’t need to be getting points for the challenge.

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