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Open Gym & Sampling

Yesterday, we went to open gym at our “CrossFit home”, CrossFit Cedar Park. Kelli put together a fun WOD for us. It wasn’t too difficult of a WOD, but it was still fun. We split up into teams of 3, then did 3 rounds of the following WOD:

15 push ups >> 15 sit ups >> 15 box jumps >> run 400m

Every member of the team had to complete each “station” before moving on. So, for example, everyone had to 15 push ups before you could move on to the sit ups, but you went one at a time. You could not start your next round until everyone was back from the run.

Our friend Rand came up from the depths of South Austin to work out with us. So, me, Victoria, and Rand finished up in something like 16:49.

The good.

Everything felt really good today. I feel like I was pushing as hard as I could on all of the movements.

The bad.

My only complaint would be that I should have run faster, but I went into “management” mode when it was time to run.


I felt great during this WOD!


After the workout, we did another sampling for Perfectly Paleo. I love going to the CrossFit gyms and letting people taste our products. Even thought we knew almost everyone at this particular gym, it’s still fun to watch people enjoying the food that we make.