So so sore…

Preface: I am not whining. Just blogging =)

The last 2 works have really wrecked my arms. Doing simple things like picking something up off the floor or unloading the dishwasher and putting dishes on shelves is relatively painful. I know that this is all part and parcel for the type of working out that I do, so, I’m not mad or even irritated that I’m sore. Again, it’s expected.

Really, the point of this blog is to ask all of you, my friends, how you deal with your soreness when it’s particularly bad.

I have been taking time to stretch out my arms as well as using some IcyHot which feels nice, but, if I have them bent for a while, it’s really hard and somewhat painful to stretch them out again.

So, how do you deal with your soreness? Do you do anything for it? Do you just ignore it? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “So so sore…

  1. emc

    I get a friend to rub me down when I can, and when I cant I use tennis balls, racket balls, demo massage chairs at FRY’s, rolling pins for doah. Etc.
    It’s good to work that shit out. Moves out the lactic acid and stimulates more bloodflow into the area. Not to mention it releases endorphins and makes you feel high as a kite afterward.
    I spend alot of time holding long stretches to again bring in more blood and work the muscle gently without letting it get all bound up as it heals and forms new tissue.

  2. Cindy

    Yep. Massage works wonders. I’m a cheapskate, but when I’ve paid for the time with a knowledgeable massage therapist, it makes a huge difference. My new massage therapist (who is in Kung Fu with us!) says athletes really need to spend time easing the tense spots out — it just causes blockages that create pain. But you don’t want to cause more pain in the process — you just want to ease the muscle until it gives in and allows you to work the lactic acid out.
    A glass of wine with dinner also works wonders.


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