Helen is a hussy…

I dreaded today’s workout all day. Hell, I have been dreading it since Monday. When I looked at today’s crossfit CP posting, it looked OK due to the fact that there were no pull ups. In fact, Bigg Dave told me I wouldn’t have to worry about pull ups today. Well, Nikki had other plans.

Yep, Crossfit CP pulled the ole bait & switch on me today and we ended up meeting a terrible terrible workout named “Helen”. Helen requires that you do:


  • 400m run
  • 21 kettle bell swings (I did 1 pood)
  • 12 pull ups

My time was 12:59. I probably could have shaved a minute off if I wouldn’t have rested so much between pull ups, but wow, my arms had nothing. I would pull and go nowhere. That’s always fun.

Anyway… I can’t keep my arms up to type anymore so, I’ll have to cut it short tonight. I hope I don’t see Helen again for a few months. She’s mean.

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