What Have I Been Eating

Sunday, 1/30/2011

9:30am: Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs + 3 veggie cakes (carrot/zucchini) + coffee w/ heavy cream

3:30pm: Lunch: Paleo chicken salad with mixed green salad.

9:00pm: Dinner: Buffalo chopped salad.


Monday, 1/31/2011

6:30am: Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach and mushrooms, coffee w/ heavy cream

12:30pm: Lunch: Stir fry – 1c chicken, whole bag of broccoli, carrots/celery

3:30pm: Snack: 1/2 paleo chicken salad

6:30pm: WOD – 3x{30 OHS@75#, 400m run, 21 pull ups} – 21:51, cycled 5 butterfly kips

7:50pm: Dinner: 1 small hamburger (GF beef) over lots of greens, 1 tomato, and 1 pickle dressed with paleo mayo + red hot

Tuesday, 2/1/2011

8:40am: Breakfast: 2 eggs with buffalo (about 1/2c), spinach, and mushrooms, coffee w/ heavy cream

2:05pm: Lunch: Ground beef + spinach + rotelle + spinach

7:00pm: WOD: Tabata Tabata: All rounds 11/12/13, Snatches, got up to 145#

9:20pm: Dinner: Chicken chopped salad

Wednesday, 2/2/2011

9:40am: Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach and mushrooms, coffee w/ heavy cream

1:40pm: Lunch: Ground beef + spinach + rotelle + spices + coconut milk

4:45pm: Snack: 1/4c nuts/seeds + 1/4c coconut

7:00pm: WOD: 15/30, 12/24, 9/18, 6/12, 3/6 power clean/ring dip: 14:05

8:10pm: Dinner @ Manuel’s: 1/2 ceviche Appetizer followed by beef and chicken fajitas with extra vegetables, lettuce, and guac.

Thursday, 2/3/2011

9:40am: Breakfast: 2 eggs plus some lunch from yesterday

3:00pm: Lunch: 2c paleo chicken salad + lots of arugula + food processor

10:30pm: Dinner: 1 Chicken breast + 1 bag of broccoli + mushrooms + artichokes stir fried with some liquid aminos

Friday, 2/4/2011

10:00am: Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach and mushrooms + 3 slices of bacon, coffee w/ heavy cream

3:00pm: Lunch: Chipotle salad with carnitas and barbacoa + guac

5:45pm: WOD: 50-40-30-20-10 double unders with 10 burpees between each set: 8:15

7:30pm: Lunch: Ground beef + spinach + rotelle + spinach

Saturday, 2/5/2011

10:30am: Breakfast: 3 paleo pancakes (almond flour + egg) with spinach and bacon hash

2:00pm: Lunch: Hamburger salad (1 burger, lots of greens, tomato, pickle, paleo mayo, red hot)

2:30pm-6:00pm: WOD: Helped Ryan Christian move. Lifted a lot of heavy stuff.

8:30pm: Dinner: 1/2 a pizza (canadian bacon, mushrooms, pineapple), 10 boneless wings, chocolate chip cookies (many)

Sunday, 2/6/2011

10:40am: Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach and mushrooms + 2 slices of bacon

———————- Traveling to Pittsburgh ———————-

5:20pm: Airport Snack: Paleo trail mix, a few handfuls.

9:15pm: Dinner @ Hotel Restaurant: Lg spinach salad with lg plate of chicken/beef fajitas

Monday, 2/7/2011

8:10am: Breakfast @ Hotel Restaurant: Omelet with sausage and double spinach, side of bacon. Totally DNF’d. Coffee w/ cream.

1:30pm: Lunch @ Cafeteria: Lg Salad (mixed greens, spinach, egg, turkey, tomato, cucumber, beets, bacon bits, vinegar, and oil)

6:15pm: WOD: 10x{10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats, 10 double unders (don’t count unless unbroken)}: Didn’t time. Was sharing my rope, but I would guess ballpark 9-11 minutes.

7:40pm: Dinner @ Toast! (Tasting menu): Lamb ribs with fennel, salmon with green beans, Caesar salad, beet salad, suckling pig, duck confit.

Tuesday, 2/8/2011

8:00am: Breakfast @ Hotel Restaurant: Omelet with double spinach, bacon, and mushrooms + hot tea

1:30pm: Lunch @ Nine on Nine: Beet salad followed by hanger steak salad (fork dipped the ranch).

6:00pm: WOD: Muscles under load. Back squat, lat pull down, shoulder press, and bench press. 10s up 10s down until failure, 2 sets each.

7:45pm: Dinner @ Toast! (Tasting menu): Lamb ribs, fried brussel sprout leaves, trout with kale, salmon, spinach salad with bacon dressing with an over easy egg, beet salad with arugula and goat cheese, hanger steak with yams (at a tiny bite) and parsnip, rib eye with sweet potato, and regular potato (but I didn’t eat the potatoes).

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