Back At It

Lots has happened since the last post.

I went to open gym this morning and wasn’t sure if I would workout with the group or not. I ended up being in a group with the Goldbergs, Mike Tillman, and Sonny. It was a great reminder that CrossFit is customizable and modifiable for any fitness level, injury, etc. Nikki (I know I will regret saying this at some point) gave us a really easy WOD. Now, I say “easy” because I couldn’t Rx the KB swings. I am keeping it light due to my back still healing. We started off with a warm up, which really got me breathing hard. Being away SUCKS. After the warm up, we went outside and did some more stretching/sprints, then came in and broke up into teams of 5 to complete:

  • 3k row
  • 300 KB Swings
  • 300 push ups

Our team got it done in just under 13 minutes. After that WOD, we went outside and did some Tabata running and squats. Lastly, we came inside to do 5 minutes of fun which didn’t feel so great. Still thought, it was good to get back in there and move around.

In other news, I was finally able to finish the shelving in the closet in the baby’s room. Here are some pics:

Finished closet:

photo 1

I had to borrow Matt’s dremel tool as I needed to make my own notches to inset the hanger rod clips into these 16” brackets. FYI, if you ever go to Lowes to look for this kind of shelving, understand the Rubbermaid makes 2 lines, HomeFree (for closets) and FastTrack (for pantries and what I bought). If you want like, accessories, hanger rods, etc, you need to get HomeFree, but then you are stuck with 12” depth shelves. I wanted to get as much out of the closet as possible, so I bought 16” depth shelves. Well, the brackets for the 16” selves DO NOT have the extra notch needed to put the hanger rod clips in. COME ON.

So, talking to my dad about it, he thought a dremel could be used to cut the notches in myself. He was right and it worked just great. I added the zip ties for a little extra insurance that they don’t fall out:

photo 2

Lastly, it’s days like this that I wish I had a pickup. I got a call from Babies R Us that the crib has come in, but I am not sure if it will fit in my car. Also, we bought a new dining room table last night which came at a really great deal, but I can’t fit the box that has the tabletop in it in my car. Argh. I hate nothing more than asking people for help. I feel terrible asking people who have pickups to help me out, but I am lucky that I have nice friends that are willing to do it.

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