Rest Day

I am taking a day off as we have the finals for the CrossFit Total challenge tomorrow. I will talk more about that later, but for now, here’s what we did last night:


  • 20 push press
  • 400m run

Time: 9:23

I had Chris on my ass the entire time during this WOD (congrats on your first Rx, buddy!), so it was really good incentive to push through when I really just wanted to chill out for a few seconds. I’m going to do the good, bad, overall thing for this one b/c it was short and sweet. I knocked out as many push presses as I could at a time (first round unbroken, 2nd and 3rd broke at 10). I pushed on the runs to stay ahead.

After these past 3 days, I am pretty sore. I am already setting myself up mentally to not do so well tomorrow on my total. “I’m sore”, “I’m tired”, etc… suck it up.

Last time, it was 945# (445# DL, 335# back squat, 165# press). I will hopefully go up a bit on each. The other part that is making me nervous is that in 6 weeks, I have had to travel quite a bit and I haven’t really worked any of these movements in that time. I guess it will be an interesting experiment to see if any of the other training has made these numbers go up.

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