Snatch Night

I’m sure you are sick of reading these words, but I can’t really say it enough… It’s good to be back at heavy metal night. It’s still and by far my favorite CrossFit class.

This time we focused only on the snatch. We spent most of the class working with PVC on the different parts of the movement, then the movement all together. Near the end of the class, we did the following WOD:

Set the clock to 10 minutes. Each minute, do 3 snatches. On the last minute, do as many snatches as possible.

I got 12 snatches on the last minute which totals 39 total snatches in 10 minutes. Not too shabby.

What went well?

I used 95lb, so the snatches were not really too heavy. I thought about going with 115lb, but wanted to focus more on form as I have not done snatches in a while. I think for all 9 sets, I was able to do the 3 snatches in about 15 seconds give or take a few.

What needs improvement?

On the last minute, I think I could have done better on firing the snatches out. I was having a bit of hard time controlling the weight on way down to set up for the next snatch. I think if I could get this under control a bit better, I could have gotten more out.

Overall feel.

I will admit that I got off to a bit of a slow start getting the movement just right again, once I got it, I felt great during the whole class as well as during the WOD itself.

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