I hate being a bystander for anything that I am interested in.

Yesterday morning, I woke up somewhere around 4am tossing and turning, unable to find a spot that didn’t seem to put pressure on my neck and back. I am not really sure of what caused this; maybe just the position that I slept in, but it’s really annoying and my neck is still sore.

It’s that kind of pain where when you turn your head, the middle of your back hurts. Ugh.

I went to CrossFit last night and thought I would be able to do some stretches and maybe just do a really light workout. I told Dave what was going on and he suggested lots of chin tucks and that stretch where you put your hands behind your head and tilt your head back. I brought me over to Mike (PT director) and he pretty much said the same thing.

I spent the first 30 minutes of the class doing these rehab stretches and exercises. I used the foam roller a bit also. Overall, it felt a LOT better, but I still opted to not push it past and risk severely injuring myself.

V chose to revisit “Fran” after doing it just 3 or 4 days before. She asked me to get in her face for it and help her get her time down. If you know me, you probably don’t think of me as the “in your face” type of guy. Needless to say, I could have been way harder on her, but regardless, she still shaved 4 minutes off of her time (from 12:something to 8:08). I am really proud of her for the effort that she put forth. It was great to watch someone that you care so much about break through mental barriers and grow.

I think I might be out for the rest of the week, or, at least a few days until I can move my head around without my back hurting. While I hate being out and sitting on the sidelines, I would rather wait a few days or a week to completely heal rather than tweak it further and be out longer.

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