18 Minutes of fun…

… if by “fun” you mean “breathing really hard and feeling like death” then, yes, fun. This workout was pretty challenging but all kidding aside, it was fun. Here it is:


3 minutes each of

  • Row
  • Clean & Jerk (Rx – 135lbs)
  • Jump Rope

This workout is 18 minutes long no matter what your fitness level is. We were told to calculate a score by adding calories burned on rower + number of clean & jerk reps + number of jumps. My total came out to be 713, which I was pretty proud of. Here’s how my reps looked:

  1 2 Total
Row 50 cals 37 cals 87
Clean & Jerk 12 reps 13 reps 25
Jump Rope 309 jumps 292 jumps 601
  371 342 713

Wow! I came out swinging! The first round felt great! I felt strong on the row and clean & jerks. I got into a great rhythm on the jump rope. We got a 1 minute rest before round 2, then it all went to crap. I felt like I was rowing as hard as I could on round 2, but I am sure if I were in a real boat, I’d have been slowly drifting down a lake.

The clean & jerks were worse. I felt gassed and weak every time I tried to get a rep. To my credit though, I didn’t mess any up or waste any reps like the last workout with cleans. The fact that I got one more clean on my second round can only be attributed to Wladi yelling at me to get back on the bar and do one more.

I was trying like hell to get to 300 jumps on the second round. I had Duan AND Johnny U encouraging me to go but I just kept tripping up on the last 50 or so jumps. Close… maybe next time.

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