A Hobbling Start to 2010

It looks like 2010 is finally here. Yay.

I commented on a post that my friend Stephanie wrote a few days ago regarding new year’s resolutions. Her posting is really good and I suggest you read it. Anyway, one of the things I mention in my comment was how this is the first year that I can remember that I am not resolving to “lose weight” or “get in shape”.

Since joining CrossFit in August 2009, I have been in the process of “loosing weight” and “getting in shape”. In fact, 2009 (the latter half) took us through quite a few changes in lifestyle that I am very happy with in the “health and fitness” area.

The first two workouts of 2010 have left me hobbling around like an old man. My quads are pretty much sore to the touch and mobility has been … difficult. If you read my blog, you are probably well aware that this is not a strange occurrence.

Friday Noon – New Year’s Day

AMRAP 10 min

  • 10 OH Squat with PVC
  • 7 Medicine Ball Cleans (14lb)
  • 5 Burpees
    A LOT of people showed up for this one. I would say 30ish (maybe more) people came. Nikki and Robin split us up into 2 large teams. Each team then made three rows. Squats in the back, then cleans, then burpees. You could not rotate to the next exercise until everyone on your entire team was done.
    Our team got in 9 or 10 sets. I don’t really remember. We lost, but still got a really good workout. They followed this up with a Tabata sprint around the parking lot. There were some times were I actually got into the pose and felt really good, but we all know how I feel about running.

Saturday Morning – Open Gym


  • 400m run
  • 21 wall ball (20lbs)
  • 12 pull ups

My time was 15:15.

I felt really horrible during this workout. I felt like I was going to have the runs during my runs. The second I set foot outside the door and started running, my stomach felt terrible. Couple that with the cold air and I can just complain all day long. Really, my biggest problem was that I never felt my lungs open up. Usually when we do these heavy cardio workouts, the running really sucks for me for a few minutes, then I can feel my body adapt and breathing gets easier. That never happened on this one. I felt like I was behind the whole time… I could never catch my breath.

At any rate, it was still a fun morning as Ryon and Stephanie came up to our CrossFit to workout with us. It was great having them there and I think they had a good time.

After this workout, V and I went to Massage Heights to cash in one of the Christmas presents that I bought for her/us. We had the couples room for 1.5 hours of blissful pain. I told the therapist that my legs needed the most work. Although I try to roll my legs out pretty regularly, the sides of my quads still get really tight and sore.

She did some pretty deep stuff on my back, which felt great/hurt like a mother fucker and then moved on to my legs. I had to hold back screams and probably some tears as she started digging into my IT bands. She went on to tell me that she thinks I have some adhesion going on between one of the muscles on my quad and my IT band. The only ways to get break this up are body work and stretching. I guess if I had to put ONE new year’s resolution into words, it would be to stretch a whole lot more than I do now.

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